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Electronic Visit Verification

If you are a participant employer, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) can simplify time submission for employees and employers alike. EVV compliant time submissions are accurately logged using a powerful software system called Direct Care Innovations (DCI). Contact Acumen Fiscal Agent at (877) 211-3738 if you are interested in learning more about DCI and/or EVV.

evv system

What is EVV?

EVV tracking is a process that uses electronic means to verify caregiver visits for personal or home care services provided and reimbursed under Medicaid. Verifying visits is required under the 21st Century Cures Act, which took effect in 2016, and it applies to every state. Acumen has chosen Direct Care Innovations as our EVV vendor.

EVV with DCI Web & Mobile Access

Direct Care Innovations is a healthcare technology company that creates business management platforms for clients using Medicaid or Medicare funding. These funding sources or partners include providers and government agencies in the Medicaid and managed care markets. The DCI mobile application tracks time and EVV compliance for services delivered remotely in homes or community settings.

EVV System for Home Care — Information for Funding Partners

The app meets all EVV requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act. It’s a complete, easy system for direct care workers to implement.

  • Double verification process
  • Touchless option using artificial intelligence
  • Configurable re-verification prompting
  • GPS-enabled location tracking
  • Tracking of travel time
  • Geofencing
  • Real-time running clock
  • Username and password
  • Quick pin
  • Real-time declining balances

The EVV system for home care is highly configurable — necessary in ever-changing EVV homecare situations. For example, agencies can configure notifications on expiring authorization balances, overtime alerts, and other EVV tracking functions within the system. Notifications can all be tailored to meet specific agency needs and workflows.

evv system for home care

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Save Time with EVV

Forgo the hassle of paper timesheets. With the DCI EVV app, it’s all done electronically and accurately. For more information on electronic verification, contact Acumen Fiscal Agent at (877) 211-3738. We provide fiscal agent services throughout the United States. Need additional information about us? See our Who We Are page.

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