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Who We Are

Acumen Fiscal Agent was founded in 1995 on a simple premise: There has to be a better, simpler, and more personal and efficient way to provide self-directed services to individuals with disabilities and their families. Since then, we have steadily grown by keeping that premise in mind and are now one of the largest providers of fiscal agent services in the country. Regarding our services, contact Acumen at (877) 211-3738.

self directed care

Company History

Acumen was founded by executives in the human services industry who recognized the need to provide choice and support for individuals seeking independence from the traditional provider-based system. Acumen has been part of hundreds of creative and innovative programs designed to empower thousands of participants across the nation.

Today, we are proud to support self-directing programs designed for the following populations:

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Individuals with physical disabilities
  • Individuals with brain injuries
  • Aging adults
  • Veterans

Our Mission Statement

Acumen Fiscal Agent facilitates freedom, choice, and opportunity through innovative fiscal agent solutions.

Our Mission

We approach each project with an attitude of service:

How can we make life simpler for the people we serve?

How can we help them to save money?

Are we doing the best we can?

We take great pride in our ability to listen to our customers and use what we have learned through our diverse experience to shape how we best meet their needs.

While research and theory are important, we’ve found that our value to our customers comes primarily from our ability to actually implement and follow through on real projects that have a positive, long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

home and community based services

Helping thousands of people lead more independent lives since 1995.

Our Values

Our values are the core of our company.

Customer satisfaction


Prompt and courteous resolution to issues

A positive and rewarding workplace

Building relationships


Why Choose Us

  • One of the largest, most experienced fiscal management entities in the U.S.
  • We prioritize service above self and always work to exceed expectations.
  • Service support based on in-depth understanding of each type of disability.
  • We provide an individualized and personal level of service, through an agent-based model that is tailored to each participant’s needs.
  • National company with a local presence.
  • State-of-the-art technology that meets state and federal requirements including Electronic Visit Verification.

Join Acumen Today

Join the thousands of participants and their families who benefit from the self-directed support offered by Acumen and made possible by our funding partners. We love to see families thrive as they receive home and community-based services from qualified employees they choose to hire and train. Call Acumen Fiscal Agent today at (877) 211-3738. For more information see our Who We Are, FAQs, Education, and Documents and Information pages.

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