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Documents & Information

At Acumen Fiscal Agent we provide the resources, documents, and information participants need to thrive in self-directed home care and that direct care employees need to comply with regulations. Read the information below to learn what we have available and download any pertinent documents. Not a participant yet? Call (877) 211-3738. We provide fiscal agent services throughout the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Acumen Fiscal Agent employees cannot make changes to forms. It is against company policy as the forms you are completing are legal documents that must be completed by the employer, employee, or authorized individual. We can, however, mail or email you a new form with notes on how to complete the form properly.

You have three options for obtaining forms:

  • Visit your state-specific page on our website. Select your state from the interactive map, scroll down to the program that you are a participant in, and select what type of form you are looking for.
  • You can email and request forms. Please put the state and form you are requesting on the subject line.
  • You can email or contact your local agent and request forms.
  • You can call Acumen customer service at (877) 211-3738 and request forms be emailed or mailed to you.

Call Acumen Today

Take advantage of the resources Acumen Fiscal Agent provides for our participant employers and direct care employees. Interested in becoming one of our funding partners? We’d love to talk with you. Contact our team at (877) 211-3738. We provide fiscal agent services throughout the United States.

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