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Making Homes Accessible for People with Disabilities

Many changes have been made toward creating spaces that are accessible for people with disabilities. Still, more improvements are necessary, especially in housing. At Acumen Fiscal Agent, we believe that changes to home accessibility can greatly improve the safety and well-being of children and adults with disabilities and support their freedom and independence. 

Making Homes Accessible for People with Disabilities

Improve Quality of Life

Accessible-friendly homes make a substantial difference in the quality of life for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, many homes have not been properly upgraded, and often, suitable improvements are expensive. Without the aid of accessibility tools and equipment, it can be difficult for individuals to take showers, cook meals, or move safely throughout their homes. Making homes accessible for differently abled individuals begins by prioritizing the person and changing the environment to meet their specific needs. 

Other benefits of accessible-friendly homes include:

  • Promoting independence for adults with disabilities who live on their own
  • Eliminating the need for individuals to move into an institutional setting
  • Removing obstructions that limit a person’s in-home activity
  • Making a home welcome to anyone with or without a disability

Cost-Effective Home Modifications

Sometimes all it takes is cost-effective changes to make your home accessible for yourself or a family member. Consider these affordable and easy tips for creating a home that is functional for individuals with disabilities:

  • Install grab bars in the shower or bathtub
  • Clear clutter off the floor, especially walking paths
  • Remove tripping hazards like throw rugs and electrical cords
  • Change light switches to rocker switches and round door handles to levers
  • Move furniture out of walking paths
  • Use night lights to mark safe passages from the bedroom to the bathroom
  • Add a shower chair or non-skid bathmat to the bathtub

Upgrades for Easier Accessibility

Often, permanent home modifications are needed to increase an individual’s safety and allow them to continue living independently. While these upgrades can be expensive, there is funding available through government agencies or private charities for improvements, such as:

  • Installing an entrance ramp with handrails to the front door
  • Purchasing assistive technology such as smart devices that turn lights on and off, lock doors, and make calls to family and friends
  • Raising or lowering kitchen or bathroom countertops so individuals can prepare meals or get ready for their day without assistance
  • Installing roll-in or curbless shower
  • Widening doorways for wheelchairs and stable walking areas
  • Installing a chairlift to get up and down stairs more easily
  • Adding motion-detecting lights at entrances and throughout the home 

Facilitating Freedom & Choice

We provide fiscal management services to individuals who utilize self-direction caregiving programs across the country. If you or a loved one requires a fiscal agent, you can depend on the trustworthy team at Acumen. For more information, contact us at (877) 211-3738. We provide fiscal management services for veterans, aging adults, and individuals with developmental, physical, and intellectual disabilities and their parents.

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