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Acumen consistently exceeds 95% Customer Service Ratings across all of the programs we serve throughout the United States.

To contact Acumen Fiscal Agent, please call (877) 594-0966 or fax (877) 364-2837.

Questions & Assistance

Acumen has a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are answering calls from CDPASS members. This toll-free number is 877-594-0966. Please call 877-594-0966 if you have any questions or for assistance with enrollment documents, clocking in or EVV training. You are also welcome to come to the Tulsa office for in-person assistance or please email us at All IHSW and Med Frag calls: 918-221-7053

Medicaid Services Update – Covid19 FAQs

Medicaid Services Update – Covid19 FAQs

Oklahoma Office

Address 4867 S Sheridan Suite 711 Tulsa, OK 74145
Toll Free: (877) 594-0966

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