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Welcome to Acumen!

Acumen has been working with self-directed programs similar to yours for over 25 years in 20 different States. We look forward to working with you in the great State of Missouri.
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What Can You Expect?

We know that change is hard and that transitions can be stressful for families. We are working with the Division of Developmental Disabilities and PPL to transition the majority of you and your employees’ documents and information. However, there will be some paperwork and information we will still need from you and your employees.

Acumen will reach out to you via phone, mail or email over the coming months with more information. Watch for this communication and please respond promptly to avoid payment delays.

Trainings Offered from February 1st – April 30th

We will soon have scheduled training sessions and resources to help with paperwork, time entry options, how to access Acumen’s systems to review and approve/reject time entries, and submitting monthly summaries. Some examples include live and recorded webinars, training videos, guides and handbooks, as well as phone, fax and email capabilities to guide you through the transition.

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Transition Paperwork / Enrollment

  • February 1st – 15th – Acumen sends out information and paperwork needed
  • February 1st – Ongoing – Missouri based Agents will be available for help with paperwork. Information coming soon on sessions to help you complete paperwork!
  • February 22nd – Paperwork is due

Time Submission / Payroll

  • March 14th: First service date with Acumen – this is the first date your employee(s) will enter their time in Acumen’s system
  • Mar 27th: End of first pay period with Acumen
  • Mar 29th:  Due date for the first pay period with Acumen – this is the date you will want to make sure you have reviewed all time submissions for the first payroll period
  • April 9th:  Your employee(s) will receive their first pay check from Acumen

Note:  March 26th Last pay check from PPL


The payment schedule you and your employees are used to with PPL will remain the same with Acumen. Your employees will continue to receive their pay from PPL through the March 26, 2021 pay date.

If your employee(s) have been receiving their pay through direct deposit or pay card with PPL that will continue. Acumen will receive their direct deposit and pay card information from PPL.

As of January 1, 2021, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) will be required for all time submissions for those participating in Medicaid funded programs. These changes are mandated by the federal government and the state of Missouri. Acumen offers a mobile app and phone in option to submit hours worked. As long as you use Acumen’s systems to manage time, you will be in compliance. There is also a web portal the employer will use for reviewing, approving/rejecting time and any adjustments. The web portal is also where employers will submit monthly summaries.

We will have group and one-on-one trainings available for the different options to keep you in compliance. Check back here for a schedule and to sign up. There will be guides and tutorials available for the do it yourselfers.

Please continue to check back here for more updates and contact us with any additional questions you have.

Contact Us

Toll free: 866-414-2541

Fax: 866-496-4577

Email: customerservice@acumen2.net

Welcome again to Acumen!