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About Us

Acumen Fiscal Agent was founded in 1995 on a simple premise: There has to be a better, simpler, more personal and efficient way to provide accounting services to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Since then, we at Acumen Fiscal Agent have steadily grown by keeping that premise in mind and are now one of the largest providers of Fiscal Agent support working with both disabled and aging populations.

Acumen Fiscal Agent Team in Mesa, Arizona

Our mission statement:

Acumen Fiscal Agent facilitates freedom, choice and opportunity through innovative fiscal agent solutions.

We approach each project with an attitude of: "How can we make life simpler for the people we serve?...How can we help them to save money?...Are we doing the best we can?"

We are one of the oldest Fiscal Employer Agents in the country specializing in working with self determined/self-directed populations and programs. We take great pride in our ability to listen to our customers and use what we have learned through our diverse experience to shape how we best meet their needs.

While research and theory are important, we've found that our value to our customers comes primarily from our ability to actually implement and follow-through on real projects that have a positive, long lasting impact on people's lives.

Our Values

Our values are the core of our company. Some of our values include:


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Acumen Fiscal Agent is a leading Fiscal Employer Agent in the U.S. Fiscal Employer Agent Services are our specialty. We help hundreds of individuals, guardians and caregivers take charge of the supports they and/or their dependents receive. The following is a list of frequently asked questions that we have compiled from customer service calls:

Fiscal Employer Agent

What is a Fiscal Employer Agent?

A Fiscal Employer Agent, also known as a fiscal intermediary, relieves individuals receiving services and their families of the tedium of writing vendor and payroll checks and paying withholdings to state and federal agencies.

What is the difference between a provider agency and Acumen Fiscal Agent?

A provider agency provides support services. If you use a provider, they supply staff and serve as the employer. Because the staff work for the provider agency, the agency is responsible for all the employer responsibilities: hiring, firing, training, payroll withholding, and filing. This will typically come at a higher cost.

With Acumen Fiscal Agent, the individual receiving services is the employer. Therefore, you recruit, hire, schedule, and train your own employees. Often this can mean more support for the same dollars and more control for the individual receiving services.

How do I know if I should use a provider agency or Acumen Fiscal Agent?

Being an employer is not for everyone. You are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons. There are provider agencies in states that do a good job and should be considered, but if you want to employ your own support staff, be in total control of your support services, do some paperwork, and get more services for your money, Acumen Fiscal Agent is your choice.

Can I do both?

In most states the answer is yes. Within the rules established by your program you have the flexibility to employ all of your supports directly or you can buy just the pieces you want from an agency. You can mix and match support options as your needs change. Acumen Fiscal Agent will be there to help you regardless of what combination you choose. Acumen Fiscal Agent is one of the largest and oldest Fiscal Employer Agents in the nation. We help hundreds of individuals and their families take charge of the supports they receive.

Contacting Acumen Fiscal Agent

How do I contact Acumen Fiscal Agent?

Each state/program has its own phone and fax number. Please select your state-specific web page from the interactive map or from the list of states and scroll down to the program that you are a participant in. The phone and fax numbers will be listed there.

If you would like to email a question, please send it to customerservice@acumen2.net or fill out the Contact Us form.

I left a voicemail message. Why haven't I received a call back yet?

Our customer service representatives check voicemail messages and return calls within one business day of receiving them. Our hours of operation are 5:00am to 5:00pm Arizona time. If you call before or after regular business hours, your call will be returned within one business day.

How do I manage my budget/allotment/authorization?

We provide account statements that detail what is being paid to employees and for employer taxes. Please monitor your account statement to make sure you do not overspend your budget/allotment/authorization.


Where do I need to go to get forms for my state/program?

You have four options for obtaining forms:

Can an Acumen Fiscal Agent employee change or add information to a form so it can be processed?

No. Acumen Fiscal Agent employees cannot make changes to forms. It is against company policy as the forms you are completing are legal documents that must be completed by the employer, employee or authorized individual. We can, however, mail or email you a new form with notes on how to complete the form properly.


When can my employee start?

We need to have received the following:

How long will it take for my employee to be eligible to provide services?

It depends on how long it takes for the employee to submit all of their enrollment forms. The forms must be accurately and completely filled-out. Once we receive a form, it will be processed within two business days.

Why is my employee inactive?

The following are reasons why an employee is inactive:

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

You must fill-out and submit a direct deposit form and a blank, voided check. You have four options for obtaining forms:

Why didn't my employee get paid? -or- Why did my employee get short-paid?

If your employee is not going to be paid or will be shorted pay, the employer will be contacted via email or telephone prior to the check date but after processing has closed. Please refer to the program-specific schedule for pay periods, due dates, and check dates. Below are some examples, but not limited to, why an employee may see reduced pay (some of these items may not apply to your program):

There are a few issues in which Acumen will make a best attempt to reach the employer for clarification and/or corrections during the payroll processing:

Please note that Acumen strictly adheres to the pay schedules and an employee may not be paid in the regular payroll if his or her time sheet or web time is submitted after the due date. These instances will result in the employee being paid in the next regularly scheduled payroll and no phone call will be made.

Direct Deposit

When will my direct deposit start?

Direct deposit will start two to three pay periods after the direct deposit paperwork has been processed.

Why are taxes being taken out of my employee's paycheck when I pay employer taxes?

We are required to deduct taxes from a participant's budget/allotment/authorization for employer taxes. These include worker's compensation, federal and state unemployment taxes, Medicare and Social Security taxes. The taxes that are deducted from the employee's paycheck are the same taxes that would be taken out if he/she worked anywhere else. These include federal and state income taxes, FICA and Medicare.


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