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Acumen Fiscal Agent, on behalf of the State of Montana Department of Health and Human Services, provides Financial Management Services to individuals choosing the Self-Direct with Employer Option (SDEO). Acumen has been working with the SDEO program since it began in 2009, and continues to support the program as it adds new waivers and services allowing individuals to self-direct their care.

Starting January 2014 Acumen will implement a new secure email message center. For more information click here .


Acumen Fiscal Agent Contact Information

To contact Acumen Fiscal Agent for the SDEO program, please call (877) 824-9356 or fax (866) 211-6370. Please contact your Case Manager or Family Support Specialist regarding enrollment paperwork.

State Contact Information

(406) 444-2995

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

All enrollments are now completed through the Assisted Enrollment Process. Please contact your Case Manager/FSS to learn more about this process or call Acumen at (877) 824-9356. Enrollment Packets are no longer accepted.

Assisted Enrollment and Employer Information

Click here to read 'Simplifying MT Self Directed Employer Option Assisted Enrollment', before beginning the Assisted Enrollment process. The Assisted Enrollment Flyer and Worksheets below are to be used as a guide for the Assisted Enrollment Process. If you are unsure what your responsibilities will be when self-directing, please read the Acumen and You Booklet. It will outline the role of the Fiscal Agent (Acumen) and the Employer (You).

*Some of the information below is password protected. Please contact Acumen to receive the password.

Acumen and You Booklet - Getting Started in Your Self-Directed Program*
MT Individual/Employer Enrollment Worksheet
MT Employee Enrollment Worksheet
MT Employer Guide for Success - An information Guide for Employers as they begin their new role in Self-Direction

Employee Forms/Information

These forms are not to be used for initial enrollment-They are provided for your convenience so your employee can update information after enrollment

Form W-4
Form I-9
MT Pay Selection and Direct Deposit Form
MT Employee Change Information Form
MT Employee Termination Form

Employer Information

Montana's Workers' Compensation Poster
MT Individual/Emloyer Change Information Form

Paying for Your Supports Information

Montana Time Sheet Instructions
MT Timesheet
MT Show Me the Money
MT July 2013 - June 2014 Payment Schedule
MT Vendor Payment Request Form
MT SDEO Request for Vendor Approval
Form W-9

Additional Forms/Information

Employment Application
Statement Sample
Self Direct Support Broker Handbook
Self Direct Employer Handbook
Sample Forms Packet

Web Time Entry

login Click for Web Time Entry

View Web Time Entry procedures

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