To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Tulsa office is closed for walk-in appointments until further notice. Please click on your program below for more information. 

Tom Duncan: 918-221-7054  –  Heather Polly: 918-221-7052  –  Abbie Speer: 918-528-9105

Jenn Cleveland: 918-221-7042  –  Kaylia McKinney: 918-221-7055  –  Britt Langren: 918-221-7053

All IHSW and Med Frag calls: 918-221-7053  –  Toll-free customer service: 877-594-0966

Vaccine Letter Instructions
Vaccination Letter AFA Employer

Oklahoma Office

In order to help prevent exposing our high-risk members to the COVID-19 virus,

the Tulsa office will not be open for walk-ins until further notice.

Acumen Fiscal Agent Oklahoma Office:
4823 S Sheridan, Suite 310, Tulsa, OK 74145
Please call your agent for assistance.
Toll-free customer service: (877) 594-0966
Fax: 855-295-9075