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In order to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little better, we will be posting a series of articles that can be found on the Did You Know? page of our website. We hope you enjoy this look into Acumen Fiscal Agent.

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Acumen is pleased to announce that we are collaborating with our sister company, Suite Business Services, LLC, to create a registry called HireMyCare.com that acts as an online marketplace to connect people who need in-home care and in-home care resources with local caregivers and providers.

What is HireMyCare.com?

HireMyCare.com is a searchable database of caregivers (support workers) and product/service providers (vendors). Individuals like you needing support services may search through the database and narrow results by the following search filters to find exactly the right type of provider for your needs.

Or instead of searching the database, you may also post a job description so that care providers can apply directly to you.

Acumen understands how hard it can be to not only find the right caregiver, but also keep them long-term. That's why you can also help your caregivers obtain affordable health coverage and other employment benefits through Acumen's partnership with Augeo Benefits - also available through HireMyCare.com! We are looking forward to continually adding new services and features to HireMyCare.com to help find and keep the best care providers.

If you are a caregiver...

You can list yourself in the directory and post your resume to be searched, or you can search through job postings for employment opportunities that can help you build a full-time work schedule caring for people in your community.

If you are a product/service provider...

You can choose to list your product or service in the searchable database or create a targeted advertisement for your product to get the word out to individuals who may be searching for what you have to offer.

When will it be available?

You may have heard that HireMyCare.com has been in development as we are working hard to create the most user-friendly interface possible. We are looking forward to releasing this service to all Acumen consumers and their employees by August 2012.

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