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What Does a Fiscal Agent Do?

A fiscal employer agent is someone whose job is to ensure that your money is spent to care for you. If you have a fiscal employer assigned to you, it means they will manage the money you receive in order to pay for your personal expenses.

What Do Fiscal Agents Do?

The Illinois Department of Human Resources lists the services of a fiscal agent as the following:

  • Invoice a state for individuals’ funds
  • Act as a “bank” for individuals’ funds by disbursing and tracking these funds
  • Manage federal advanced earned income credits as necessary
  • Withhold, file and deposit state income and employment taxes (e.g., SUTA and disability)
  • Collect, verify and process workers’ time sheets
  • Prepare and distribute payroll checks to support workers hired by individuals
  • Process and pay non-labor related invoices as approved in the individual’s budget

Why Use a Fiscal Agent?

A fiscal agent acts as a bank for the individual. Their job is to make sure the funds go directly to the individual rather than the provider. When you hire a fiscal agent, you get to choose how your funds are used, how your support services are managed, and you get assistance with payroll.

Job Summary

Fiscal agents make sure they listen to anything you have to say to them about your financial goals.

  • They will help you manage your money wisely.
  • They will take responsibility for doing your taxes correctly.
  • They will assist with any issues having to do with paychecks or other money you receive.


You and your employer will work together as a team. Together you will overcome any obstacles you come across. The relationship that you will build together will help you live your life. A fiscal employer is someone you can count on to help you anytime.