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3 Ways to Celebrate Your Direct Support Professionals

Direct Support Professional Recognition Week is September 10 – September 16, 2023. The team at Acumen Fiscal Agent encourages you to thank, honor, and celebrate the DSPs who work for you each and every day. Many self-determined individuals could not remain in their homes without their DSPs’ assistance. They provide many services, from meal preparation and medication management to light housekeeping and medical support. Let’s take a look at three ways you can celebrate the self-directed employees that help you build an independent and valuable life.

How You Can Celebrate Your Direct Support Professionals

1. Write a Personal Note

Sometimes, there’s nothing more genuine than a handwritten personal note. Choose a thoughtful thank you card or beautiful stationery to write your message. Before placing pen on paper, think about their specific abilities or gifts that make a difference in the care you receive. Do they speak with a soft, caring tone? Do they encourage and support you through difficult times? You may want to include a memory of when they went above and beyond in providing medical care and support. Appreciate them for their consistent and compassionate service and recognize them as a valuable part of your care team.

2. Give a Small Gift

When celebrating or thanking your DSP, a small gift can speak volumes. Give them something you know they will appreciate, such as their favorite type of candy or a gift card to their preferred local restaurant. Consider gifting a “Thank You” package filled with items that are personal to them. If your employee loves the outdoors, the package can include sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle, a book to read, or snacks for the beach or hiking. If they enjoy baking, consider gifting a cookbook, different-sized spatulas, new sheet pans, a cookie scoop, and other similar items. Honestly, it’s not about the amount you spend. It’s about making a personal gesture showing appreciation for their presence in your life.

3. Plan a Small Party

Another simple and fun way to honor your DSP is to plan a small surprise party in your home. Ask friends and family to help with planning and hosting the celebration. If you know your DSP’s favorite meal, ask guests to help plan and prepare the meal or tidy and decorate your home for the festivity. Maybe they enjoy playing board games. Plan a game night and ask friends and family to bring games, cupcakes, drinks, and other snacks. You can honor your DSP simply by taking the time and energy to plan an event specifically to thank them for their service and care. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, it’s the gesture that is important.

Show Support for Your Direct Care Employee

However you choose to honor your direct care employee, doing so can help create a successful working relationship.

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